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Rinku plastic offers wide range of packaging materials like PP strap, PET strap, PP rope sutli. Tapes and Rolls such as stretch film roll, shrink film roll and BOPP Tapes. We are a leading company packaging material supplier in canada and are taking quality of our products to higher and higher levels day by day. We are fully customer oriented and our goal is to understand and satisfy customer needs as they want. We are a leading exporter of Packaging materials in USA, India, Canada and many more countries and one of the largest packaging material manufacturer in canada.

Rinku Plastic is certified by ISO 9001:2015 certified and We are manufacturing, supplying and exporting our products worldwide.

Our Products

PET Strap Roll

PET strap roll stands for Polyester strap rolls, these are mostly used for heavy load applications in industries. These straps can handle tension for long time.

Standard Specifications:
  • • Standard Colors: Dark Green & Light Green. Other colors on request subject to minimum required quantity Core Size: 8“ (203) 16“ (406)
  • • Elongation : Up to 18%
  • • Packing : One roll per pack.

PP Strap Roll

Polypropylene Straps are most preferred by the wide range of industries because they are economical and can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Standard Specifications:
  • • Standard Color Availability: White. Other colors on request subject to the minimum required quantity
  • • Elongation : Up to 25%
  • • Core Size details : 203mm ID x 165mm, 406mm ID x 150 / 165mm

PP Rope Sutli

PP Rope Sutili is made from Polypropylene. It is used for crop and other packaging purposes. It has high resistance to chemicals so it is highly preferred by clients.

Standard Specifications:
  • • Color : Any colour you want will be made available as per requirement.
  • • Packing : 25 kg PP Bag

Stretch Film Roll

Use of this product eliminates the need for straps, tapes, strings and many other conventional packaging materials. stretch film roll is used for unitization of products. In this process the products are bundled together which simplifies shipping in bulk.

Standard Specifications:
  • • Material : LLDPE, LDPE
  • • Size : 2 inch to 24 inch.
  • • Thickness : 9 micron to 51 micron
  • • Grade : Manual Grade & Machine Grade
  • • Use : Wrapping, Unitization, To protect product surface

Shrink Film Roll

Working of Shrink Film Roll is based on the principle that when you apply heat to the plastic film it shrinks. Similarly whenever you want to wrap an object right from smallest to smallest bottle to a huge building, with the idea to protect the product from any damage water, dust or heat in the course of transportation.

BOPP Tapes

Standard Specifications:

  • • Quality: Transparent
  • • Color: Brown
  • • Application: Packaging
  • • Material: Bopp
  • • Width: 12, 24, 36, 48, 72 mm
  • • Thickness: 36 to 50 microns
  • • Meter Per Roll: Customized
  • • Variety: Transparent Brown, Any Color printed tape.

If you are looking for a Packaging Material Manufacturer and Supplier in Canada then Rinku Plastic can be the best and reliable solution for your requirements. Check quality Standard certifications of our products in quality policy on our website. If you have any queries then please contact us at Rinku Plastic.