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PP Strap for fully Automatic Machine

We are in the age of industrialization and it is on the rise today. The growing demand for automation in industries has led to invention of several sophisticated utilities and devices. Among this, a highly useful item is polypropylene strapping and this has turned out to be a prerequisite now. Commonly known as PP strap roll, it is produced by many companies in India.

When it comes to quality and versatility, there is a special mention of Rinku Plastic which is the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of polypropylene strapping. Riku Plastic’s PP strap roll is diversely applicable for carrying out range of operations. While the applicability of company’s PP strap for fully automatic machine holds special significance, it is also widely used for semi-automatic and hi-speed fully automatic machines.

PP Strap for fully Automatic Machine
Most Precise winding for hassle free operation
PP Strap for fully Automatic Machine
Gap free flat winding for smooth flow
PP Strap for fully Automatic Machine
Embosed Design For Better Aesthetics & Sleep Free Operation

Applicability of PP Straps:

Today, PP straps are extensively used in industrial operations. Some of the most prevalent applications of them are as under:

Applicability of PP Straps on fully automatic machines:

Rinku Plastics uses high grade material and state-of-the-art technology to produce PP straps of international quality. That’s the reason their PP straps are particularly suited for fully automatic machines.

You must know about the prime characteristics of Rinku Plastics’ PP straps are as under:

  • Straps are manufactured on technically advanced machinery.
  • Straps are available in diverse widths to suit your precise needs.
  • You can pick straps from any of these widths – 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, 16 or 18 mm
  • You may order the straps in any colour of your choice, besides white.
  • You get straps which are adaptable to your printing needs as well.
  • You can completely rely on these straps for your fully automatic machines.

Our PP straps for fully automatic machines are most apt on a variety of machines – whether you have a modular arch type machine or side seal adapted automatic conveyor type machine; whether it’s a Mobile pallet strapping machine or bottom and seal type.

Rinku Plastics’ PP straps speak of quality and adaptability. On one hand, you may love them for their accurate and systematic winding which eases operations you would on the other hand prefer them for their convenience in getting aesthetic designs on them.

In short, you got a lot to expect from the multidimensional qualities of these PP straps for fully automatic machine and at Rinku Plastics, you get them at extremely economical price.

Note : Embossed designs are Subject to change without prior notice.

Elongation : Up to 25%
Standard Colors : White. Other colors on request subject to minimum required quantity
Core Size Available : 203mm ID x 187mm, 280mm ID x 190mm 406mm ID x 150 / 165mm, 150mm ID x 152mm.

Strap Code Width
(in mm)
(in mm)
Approx Meters Per Roll
Net Weight Per Roll
(±0.100 kg)
Average Break Load
(in kg)
RPFA806 8.00 0.60 2000 5.800 70 Customized
RPFA807 8.00 0.70 2000 6.300 80 Customized
RPFA906 9.00 0.60 2000 6.000 80 Standard
RPFA906 9.00 0.60 3000 9.000 80 Customized
RPFA907 9.00 0.70 2000 7.000 85 Standard
RPFA1006 10.00 0.60 2000 6.750 85 Customized
RPFA1106 11.00 0.60 2000 7.000 90 Standard
RPFA1007 11.00 0.70 2000 8.000 110 Standard
RPFA1206 12.00 0.60 2000 8.000 110 Standard
RPFA1207 12.00 0.70 2000 9.000 120 Customized
RPFA1208 12.00 0.80 2000 10.000 120 Customized
RPFA1506 15.00 0.60 1000 6.000 130 Standard
RPFA1507 15.00 0.70 1000 7.000 150 Standard
RPFA1507 15.00 0.70 1500 10.50 150 Standard
RPFA1508 15.00 0.80 1000 8.000 160 Customized
RPFA1806 18.00 0.60 1000 7.000 170 Standard
RPFA1807 18.00 0.70 1000 8.000 175 Standard
RPFA1806 18.00 0.80 1000 9.000 180 Standard

All of the above requirements apply to Virgin Quality only, We have economic qualities, but resistance can increase and differ from specification to specification. Other than the standard specification, other specifications can be issued and tailored as per individual consumer request and subject to bulk quantity requirements.