Shrink Wrap Roll

If you are looking for a shrink film manufacturer then we can offer you best in class shrink wrap roll then you can have one look to Rinku plastic. We are in this industry from last 15+ years and we are continuously improving the quality of our products and thereby we are able to maintain our position and grow in our industry. Many think of shrink wrap roll as same as stretch film roll but both products are different.

Shrink wrap roll is used for wrapping of an individual product while stretch film roll is used for wrapping whole lot or set of individual products. Products like foodstuffs, auto parts, toys, machinery parts, etc are packaged with this roll.

These rolls can be categorized into two types as polyethylene and polyolefin. Polyolefins are used for freezer applications where they provide no odour, durability, etc properties which are most required for such applications. Now coming to polyethylene they are thick and offer less clarity than polyolefins but are great for heavy duty applications like packaging of shipped products.

Shrink wraps reduce damage while shipping the product, it is obvious that it will offer resistance to dust and dirt. They are stretchable and can be recycled and reused easily. These ones are more cost effective than other available options.

We also offer many other packaging products like PP strap roll, PET strap roll, PP rope sutli, Bopp ropes and shrink film roll.

Our product quality is authorized by top authority of india. Rinku plastic is certified by ISO 9001:2015. So if you want best quality shrink wrap roll then we are the best shrink film manufacturer option available just one call away.

There are 3 categories of Shrink Film Roll

  1. LDPE Shrink Film Roll
  2. PVC Shrink Film Roll
  3. POF Shrink Film Roll.


  • 1. Food and agriculture industry
  • 2. Automotive industry
  • 3. Toys, stationery promotional multipacks, biscuits,pizzas,chocolate boxes bread cheese and meats.
  • 4. Tray packing for packing of perishable foods,box lunches prepared foods etc.
  • 5. Cartons, books, large appliances,pallet loads etc. It is also used to cover boats after manufacture and for winter storage.
  • 6. Electric wiring.
  • 7. Bundling of cases of soda water and beverage cans.
  • 8. Doors and windows
  • 9. Form fill and seal applications,