PP Sutli Manufacturer

Polypropylene rope is a versatile rope that can be used in the home, at work, or for leisure. This strong, adaptable rope has a number of advantages that set it apart from the competition, including a variety of available colors and diameters.

The polypropylene rope is manufactured by polypropylene, a highly hardy, high strength and long-life yarn resistant to many solvents and glues. Polypropylene often has a higher melting point than many common polymers, improving its resistance to heat and friction; and it does not splinter, making it easy to use and more user-friendly, and extending its life even though knotted and untied regularly.

With the necessary expertise and experience in this domain, Rinku Plastic is one of India's leading PP rope manufacturers; we present to you a variety of PP ropes in various dimensions as specified by the customer. The goods are rigorously quality checked using cutting-edge technologies to ensure that they meet Indian standards (IS-5175).

Our goal is to provide customers with PP ropes that are mechanically utilitarian, sturdy, lightweight, portable, abrasion resistant, UV treated, and, most importantly, reasonably priced. Our goods have a wide range of uses, ranging from fisheries to ports and beyond.


  • Marine and fishing applications
  • Control ropes
  • Air-sea rescue lines
  • Foot ropes
  • Tarpaulin ties
  • Slings
  • Truck ropes
  • Head lines
  • Ducting drawcords
  • Blasting nets
  • Car tow ropes
  • Nets
  • Industrial applications like trucking, petroleum, mining, construction,
  • General purpose use


  • UV treated with good weathering properties
  • 3 strand rope
  • Robust and light with high abrasion resistance
  • Resistant to oils, common solvents, bacteria and fungi
  • Excellent handling and splicing properties
  • Floats on water
  • All-purpose applications

PP Ropes from Rinku Plastic

Rinku Plastic is proud of its well-equipped infrastructure, which aids us in the production, transportation, delivery, and supply of high-quality polypropylene ropes. A methodical approach to operations that ensures flawless goods and hassle-free delivery to the end customer. Rinku Plastic is housed in a large building with all of the latest manufacturing and testing equipment, as well as research and development facilities.

We use cutting-edge technology and machinery to conduct routine tests on each phase of the production process. Our goal is to have the highest level of customer loyalty through high-quality ropes. Our commitment to quality improvement is relentless and clear, ensuring that the grade of our goods meets Indian standards.

Quantity Size
Width Color Packing
Virgin 4 inch cone As per customer's Requirement As per customer's Requirement 25 kgs PP Bag Packing
8 inch cone
Next to virgin 4 inch cone
8 inch cone
Reprocessed Twine 4 inch cone
8 inch cone
Reprocessed Twine Smooth 4 inch cone
8 inch cone

Rinku Plastic is one of India's leading PP rope manufacturers, and our success is due to our PP ropes' strong chemical resistance and competitive pricing. In India, PP rope is known as PP sutli. Sutli is a kind of rope that is used to package crops and other products. Being one of the well known we PP Sutli Manufacturer of India we have a wide range of PP Ropes in various lengths and colors. Other colors, such as white, green, blue, and yellow, will be eligible upon request, according to a minimum order quantity.