Stretch Film Roll

It is a stretchable plastic film which when wrapped around the product lot locks complete lot. When tension is applied stretch film roll can stretch itself up to 200 to 300%.

Stretch Film roll is also called as stretch wrap roll. The main types of stretch film roll are hand stretch film and machine stretch film.

In the case of hand stretch film the pressure is applied manually by hands and are used for low volume packaging. Machine stretch films are used in high volume packaging and so they are applied by machines. Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages in the respective conditions. Machine stretch films again has further types blown stretch film, cast stretch film and pre-stretched film.

They are water-resistant so the water prone products can be safely taken through. As it is plastic so it has no gap for dust or dirt to pass through it. So it protects products from dirt and dust.

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Standard Specifications:

Material : LLDPE, LDPE
Size : 2 inch to 24 inch
Thickness : 9 micron to 51 micron
Grade : Manual Grade & Machine Grade
Use : Wrapping, Unitization, To protect product surface

Stretch film, also known as stretch wrap or pallet wrap, is one of the most popular unitization materials in the market. Unitization is a process of bundling and securing several individual packages together. Shipping or storage of items wrapped in stretch film eliminates the need for tape, string, strapping, twine and other conventional securing methods that protect product surfaces.

Benefits of Stretch Wrap Film

  • Less wear and tear of product as compared to strapping
  • Provides lower operating and maintenance costs compared to shrink & Strapping
  • Energy Saving product compared to Shrink & Strapping
  • Easy to wrap manually or with high speed wrapping machines
  • Can sustain shock or vibration and still maintain the load in its original unitized configuration
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