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Looking for Reliable Packaging? Get in Touch with the Best BOPP Tape Manufacturer

Want to rely on BOPP tape? You absolutely can! BOPP tape is Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene is a firm that has two-way stretching and has high molecular melting polypropylene. It has fixed temperatures and speed initially and then it is put into a stretching machine that extends in both directions through proper thermal or processing and cooling system.

Application of BOPP tape

BOPP tape is used essentially in everyday goods such as medication, chewing gums, tea, cigarettes, cosmetics, healthcare goods and meat. These tapes are environment-friendly and do not emit toxic gases during their sealing process. They are ideal for high-speed packaging and also help avoid dust, moisture and oil from products. Eventually, using BOPP tape increases the value of the product and enhances the product quality, this attracts the consumers and allows them to willingly purchase a product. 

Characteristics of BOPP Tape

  • The tough endurance and flexibility make it an excellent option for labeling and packaging. 

  • It is moisture resistant and a chemical solvent, making it ideal for manufacturers of custom packaging tape.

  • The BOPP tape has low elongation and is also resistant to burst. 

  • It can be used in both low and high temperatures because of its thermoplastic polymer. 

  • The films are non-toxic and are safe to use and some of them are recyclable as well. 

Cello Tape Manufacturer

Cello tape is a rubber-based adhesive that comes in various sizes. The cello tape comes in different colors like brown, transparent, milky white, and many other colors. Rinku Plastic is a leading manufacturer of cello tape that offers BOPP Tape and self-adhesive cello tape in different sizes from 12mm, 24mm, 48mm, 60mm, 72mm, 120mm to jumbo rolls, depending on the needs of the consumer.

About Rinku Plastic

Along with the manufacturing of cello tape, Rinku Plastic is also a leading and famous BOPP tape manufacturer in Gujarat. As a manufacturer, we offer premium quality products that are environmentally safe and long-lasting. We are dedicated to using the latest technology and the latest equipments for all the products to maintain the stringent quality of the product. We understand the diverse needs of clients from different fields of business and we aim to deliver a wide range of customized products to our clients in an efficient manner. 

We are a competitive industry player offering BOPP film for packaging. Our extensive distribution network, competent team and rapidly growing infrastructure welcome you to partner with us today. 

Connect with us to learn more about our different variety of products and services. 


  1. What are the common uses of cello tape?

You can use cello tape for wrapping gifts, sealing envelopes and other office materials. It can also be used for writing anything.

  1. Can I use BOPP tape for sealing boxes in another environment?

Due to its moisture-resistant properties, it is suitable for sealing boxes in humans or other environments. 

  1. Can I use cello tape for packaging boxes for shipping products?

Cello tape can be used to pack and seal lightweight boxes. However, BOPP tape can be used for heavy-duty packaging. Connect with your reliable BOPP Tape Manufacturer.