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What packaging material is used for heavy loads?

Are you wanting to switch to a lighter, safer, and more affordable choice for your present Packaging Material? We're here to clarify the various packaging material alternatives available and assist you in selecting the best option for your packing requirements.


Anyone who has ever placed an order for things to be delivered to their home or place of business has probably observed the wide range of packaging designs and materials that are available. Smaller products could come in plastic bags or cardboard cartons. Larger goods, however, that come in on pallets are frequently wrapped in a stretch wrap and secured with strapping. Steel strapping was the only option available in the past. Although it is sturdy and dependable, it is not without restrictions. Today's heavy-duty shipping applications still benefit from the use of steel strapping materials, but science and technology have opened the door to lighter, stronger, and safer strapping alternatives.


Steel Strapping

The oldest kind of strapping available is made of steel. You might remember seeing it on flatbed trucks that were moving hefty loads on the roadways. It may be found in a wide variety of widths and thicknesses and has high tensile strength, making it suitable for practically any application. When high strength and little stretch are required, steel strapping material is most frequently employed.

Transporting exceptionally stable and large goods, such as sheet metal, calls for the use of steel strapping materials.

Polypropylene Strapping

Although constructed from a mixture of plastic resins, polypropylene is less expensive than steel or polyester and does not provide the same level of strength. It is frequently used in arch strappers or tabletop strapping applications and is available in a wide range of widths, thicknesses, and polymer variations like other strapping materials. Although polypropylene strapping material has some elongation, it has dead stretch that cannot be recovered and does not rebound as well as polyester.

Unitizing, palletizing, and bundling are just a few lights to medium application areas where polypropylene strapping materials excel.

Polyester Strapping 

Steel is frequently replaced with polyester because it is more rigid than polypropylene. Due to its outstanding maintained tension and recovery capabilities, loads can withstand impact without the straps being damaged. Because it is made of recycled plastic, polyester is frequently favoured. Although it can be found in other hues as well, polyester is most often distinguished by its green colour. In addition to being safer than steel, polyester strapping material is also environmentally beneficial.

The hardiness and longevity of steel are appropriate for applications requiring polyester strapping materials, but users choose a lighter, safer, and more affordable alternative with even higher tensile strength. Additionally, battery-powered, cordless tools can be used to apply polyester strapping, which not only cuts down on application time but also minimizes exposure to the safety risks associated with steel strapping.

Woven Strapping

A great substitute for steel, woven strapping material can frequently support heavier and larger loads than polyester. Polyester cording is woven into woven strapping materials to provide them better tensile strength while keeping them light and secure.

When large, heavy loads are involved or when the company would want to avoid using steel because of the risk of damage during application or removal, woven strapping materials are perfect. Large heavy equipment or bundles of wood straight from the lumberyard are two examples of typical loads that require woven strapping materials.


More than only shipment quality is impacted by selecting the right strapping material. Another issue with employing strapping materials like steel is worker safety. Many users still find steel strapping to be sturdy and reliable, especially when carrying large or heavy goods, but steel can also raise the danger of worker injuries.

Let's look at why woven or polyester strapping that is lightweight can be a better option.

1.    Steel strap coils can weigh between 105 and 110 pounds each. The polyester strap comes in coils that weigh between 50 and 55 pounds and frequently have 50% to 70% more feet per coil. The worker handles fewer coils when putting polyester strapping to a load, and the coils he does handle are lighter and simpler to handle.

2.    Steel strapping can be hazardous in addition to being heavy. Due to the tension of the tightened steel, there is a higher danger of injury when employees remove metal strapping from a cargo. The newly cut and sharpened edge of the metal strap frequently leaps upward and back as a worker cuts or snips it to release it, posing risks to anybody in its path.

Is it time to reevaluate your Packaging Material Supplier?

Not every type of strapping material is the same. When selecting the appropriate strapping material for your packaging requirements, keep the following factors in mind:

1.    Load Mass.
2.    Load Volume.
3.    Size Of The Load.
4.    Required Strap Width And Gauge.
5.    Annual Cost Of The Strap And Seal.
6.    Dangers To Safety.
7.    Shipping Specifications.
8.    Load Factor

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