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Application and Manufacturing of PP STRAP ROLLS

PP strapping roll is the lighter kind of standard plastic. Its primary material is polypropylene resin. It is processed into strapping because of its good plasticity, sturdy breaking tensile force, bending resistance, more lightweight specific gravity, ease to use, etc. It has been widely used in various fields. There is many PP strap Roll Manufacturer in India, the primary being Rinku Plastics in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Rinku Plastic is also a PP strap Roll Exporter.

What is the PP band? 

PP here stands for Polypropylene strapping. Heat Welds connect two Bands with the help of handheld tools or PP straps for semi-automatic machines and a fully automatic engine.
The standard colours of the pp packing belt are white, red, yellow, blue, black, etc., which are often used for carton packing and used with automatic packing machines.

In addition, pp packing tape has the following characteristics:

1. Polypropylene is the primary raw material. Polypropylene has excellent cleavage strength, low density, excellent tensile impact performance, and is easy to use.
2. It is suitable for packing machines in all walks of life, whether semi-automatic, fully automatic or purely manual packing machine.
3. The pp has firm adhesion, high tensile force, relatively lightweight, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, and looks very high-end.
4. Bright colours, yellow, white, black and other colours, you can choose.
5. Unique packaging belts such as printing and printing can be produced according to customer requirements and samples.

pp packaging comes with a variety of classifications, which can be classified according to the following conditions:

1. Classified by transparency
It can be divided into transparent pp packing tape, translucent pp packing tape, and colour pp packing tape.
2. Classified according to the proportion of Polypropylene used in the production of strapping
It can be divided into new pure material pp packing belts, recycled material pp packing straps, and ordinary sandwich pp packing belts.
3. According to its purpose
It can be divided into automatic pp packing belts, semi-automatic pp packing belts, manual pp packing belts, and flexible pp packing belts.
4. Divided according to the machine used
It can be divided into machine pp packing belt and hand pp packing belt.

PP Strap Roll Exporter like Rinku Plastic export a great variety of PP strap rolls all over the world

PP Strap for Semi-Automatic Machine.

Polypropylene and Polyester are the most used strapping materials. 
Bands made by these materials are named Polypropylene strap (PP strap), Polyester Strap  (PET Strap) and Steel strap. 
Rinku Plastic is a Manufacturer of  these strap rolls and is also an exporter
These straps are made using Fully Automatic Machines, Automatic Machines and PP straps  for Semi-Automatic machines. 
A wide range of industries most prefer PP Straps because they are economical and can be  used in various applications.

Benefits of PP Strap:

• These straps are Super Light in Weight. 
  Economical and Cost-Effective.
  They offer High Elasticity.
•  It has the high tensile strength to sustain in industrial applications.
•  Natural shock resisting ability so it can withstand sudden shocks.
•  Easy to handle.
  Can be Recycled and Reused.
•  Best for Light tasks.
  Does not contribute to Corrosion.
  Low maintenance or, say, repair cost over the low initial investment.
  Low Failure rate compared to steel straps.

Limitations of PP Strap:

•   PP straps are often dull in colour and offer less choice of blue, white, yellow and black.
•   Even though the elasticity is high, but they have low stretch recovery.

PP Strap for fully Automatic Machine

In the age of industrialization, the growing demand for automation in industries has led to several sophisticated utilities and devices. Among these, a handy item is Polypropylene strapping, which has become a necessity now. Polypropylene Straps, commonly known as PP strap roll, is manufactured by many companies in India.

Some of the most prevalent applications of PP Straps are as under:

• PP straps are commonly used to bundle many items such as pipes, newspapers, concrete blocks, lumbers, etc., as these bundles simplify the shipping of products.
• PP strapping rolls are the preferred product to attach crates, pallets, etc.
• PP Straps are good in strengthening the wooden packing boxes, crates and corrugated covers.
• PP Straps are used to moving products with ease. 
• PP strapping rolls are used in the attachment of items with tractor-trailers or flatcars and others.

Application of PP Straps:

Straps are manufactured on technically advanced machinery.
•    Straps are available in diverse widths to suit precise needs.
•    Straps come in these widths – 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, 16 or 18 mm
•    Straps come in many colours.

PP straps for fully automatic machines are most apt on a variety of machines. PP Straps have accurate and systematic winding, which eases the operation and convenience of getting aesthetic designs on them.

In short, you got a lot to expect from the multidimensional qualities of these PP straps for the fully automatic machine. At Rinku Plastics, you get them at a highly economical price.

PP Strap for Hi-Speed fully Automatic Machine

We have in store optimal-quality Hi-Speed Fully Automatic Machine Straps that are superior in functioning, durable and sturdy in construction. These energy-efficient machines are reckoned for trouble-free functioning and durability. Our simple to use machines have low maintenance requirements and are offered in various specifications.

Standard Specifications:

Elongation: Up to 15%
Standard Colors: White & Black
Paper Core Specification : 203mm ID x 190mm, 150mm ID x 152mm