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When does the BOPP Tape give optimal performance?

In our daily life, a few items are necessary.

As BOPP Tape Manufacturer PP Rope Manufacturer we at Rinku Plastics know that the BOPP Tape is one such item. We virtually always use this sticky tape to seal cardboard boxes, and cartoons, and to patch ripped sheets.

These tapes are so helpful that we frequently question if we are utilising them properly.

To be honest, though, there are some useful suggestions that boost the potency of these tapes and who would know them better than us, the biggest BOPP Tape Manufacturer and PP Rope Manufacturer in India 

These are them:

1. A few surfaces to stay away from

These BOPP tapes are not very effective on some surfaces. You might want to learn more about these surfaces.

For your information, several of these have abrasive textures and rough surfaces. There might be some moist or wet surfaces. Certain surfaces could be slippery and oily. Moreover, some surfaces could be dusty and abrasive. Certain surfaces do not work well with these BOPP tapes.

Similar to wall murals made of limestone, the BOPP tape loses its effectiveness when applied to certain surfaces. These walls' powdery nature makes it difficult for the tapes to adhere firmly to the surface. Thus, they frequently come off.

So, try to stay away from applying these sticky BOPP tapes to the surfaces listed above.

2. The proper pasting technique must be used

To make sure that the BOPP tape is firmly attached to a surface, a precise procedure must be used.

This method involves pasting the tape crosswise so that one tape is secured in a direction that is perpendicular to the other tape.

A system is in place to make sure that none of the tapes get released. Instead, they act as a support system for one another and stay firmly anchored to the surface where the tapes have been put.

3. Need some labour, manual

BOPP tapes can only be applied correctly if some manual labour is put into them. This specifically means that after the tapes have been secured, you must exert some force and run your fingertips over their surface. By doing this, the tape will firmly adhere to the surface where it is fastened.

There is one more manual action you need to perform. For the edges of the BOPP tape to be secured to the surface where it has been applied, further work must be put forth. To do this, apply more pressure to these regions with your thumb or pointer finger.

4. Choose the appropriate type of package.

How well the BOPP tapes work also depends on the kind of packaging you use.

There is a minimal likelihood of receiving the best results if you use these cassettes for excessively overstuffed boxes or cartoons. This is due to the tendency of the pressure inside the box to rip the flaps apart and exert pressure on the tapes. Hence, they will separate.

Similar to how they function poorly when used to seal nearly empty or underfilled boxes, these tapes also operate poorly when used to seal cartoons.


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