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What is the use of stretch film roll?

What is a stretch film? 

Stretch film is one of the most promising solutions available when it comes to packaging and wrapping. Stretch film offers professional, cost-effective, and attractive protection for goods of all sizes and shapes during shipment and storage.

Here is all you need to know about using stretch wrap roll

Basics of Stretch Film Roll

It's crucial to comprehend the fundamentals of the film types and elements, process requirements, and potential applications before deciding how to utilise stretch film roll for all your packaging and wrapping needs. A deeper look follows: 

What is a stretch film?

Stretch wrap roll is a kind of plastic film created from linear low-density polyethylene that is used to wrap, fasten, and stabilise goods. During application, the film is drawn and stretched around the items to form tightly secured loads. For varied applications, stretch film is available in a variety of widths, thicknesses, and colors. Stretch film and heat shrink wrap are commonly misunderstood because of their similar tight, conforming appearance. However, there are noticeable differences:

Heat shrink wrap is not waterproof, needs a heat source, and is rarely used to wrap pallets. Additionally, heat shrink wrap frequently exhibits greater transparency and significantly increases shelf life.

Stretch film gets its name from the qualities of the film. When applied, some films can sag up to 300%. Less film is utilised the more the application is stretched. Less film used means lower costs and less damage to the environment. 

Advantages of Strectch Film Roll

Stretch film has many advantages, including reduced load containment complexity, resilience to corrosion and punctures, and a range of equipment types to suit all requirements. During the application of the film, an inside stretch wrap roll machine will keep the stretch rate level constant. extend rates' growth and constancy.

Types of Stretch Fill Roll

There are several types of stretch film rolls, including:

Clear stretch film
Colored stretch film
UV-resistant stretch film
Extended core stretch film
Hand stretch film
Machine stretch film
Bio-degradable stretch film

These types vary in their properties, such as clarity, strength, and elasticity, to meet different packaging needs.

Stretch Film Roll can be used in

1. Packaging and palletizing goods for storage and transportation
2. Wrapping furniture and household items for protection during moving
3. Covering and protecting crops in agriculture
4. Securing goods on a pallet for storage and shipping
5. Wrapping and sealing food items for freshness
6. Securing and protecting construction materials during transportation.


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