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PP Strap Roll Made by PP strap Manufacturers , the PP strap roll is the most common and well-known plastic strapping used for many applications. The recognition of PP strap roll or polypropylene strapping roll is widespread because it comes in various colours, and it looks dull and usual. Still, the PP strapping band is far better than Strap PET in the industry due to its superior properties like elasticity, high tensile strength, and tension loss. Thus it is used in various applications for packaging without any failure. Polypropylene strapping manufacturers manufacture pp strap with the capabilities of heat bearing and buckle. 

There are two types of strapping available:
1.    Polypropylene
2.    Polyester

PP Strapping with PP Strap Roll

Polypropylene Strapping Manufacturers make PP Strap Roll for many applications. PP strap rolls are a common type of plastic strapping tape that is available in various sizes and is of different tensile strength, and a variety of diameters that PP strap Manufacturers can customize according to the client's requirement.

PP strapping tape by PP strap manufacturers is usually applied and used manually with the buckles or with the semi and fully automated machines. PP strap can stretch almost 25% of its original size when used for strapping on any product. Sometimes PP strap becomes sensitive and acts negatively due to high temperatures, but Polypropylene strapping manufacturers ensure they overcome any such deformity by using Quality material.

Uses of Polypropylene Strap Roll

PP strap manufacturers make PP strap rolls for various uses; some services are following.

  1. PP strap roll can use in printing materials like newspapers, magazines, etc.
  2. Polypropylene stapping manufacturers supply  PP strap rolls used in Millwork, e.g., mouldings, bannisters processes, etc.
  3. PP strap roll is used in the flooring process, in hardwoods, laminates, etc.
  4. PP strap manufacturers make pp strap rolls strong enough to carry appliances and clothing parcels.
  5. PP strap rolls are also used in the distribution centres of foods and any grocery stores
  6. PP strap roll has always been widespread in pharmaceutical stores to hold drugs and distribute them to other centres.
  7. PP strap roll involves the hay baling process.

Factors to Choose PP Strapping Tape made by a renowned PP strap manufacturer

The first important factor in choosing material for strapping is the product dimensions, in which size, width, weight are included.

The second most important factor is choosing strap tape according to the shipping distance, keeping the transport movements in mind

The third important factor is knowing about possible tensile strength because it is necessary that the tape can be breakable for the consumer.

Always take care of PP strapping tape methods, be it manual or semiautomatic or fully automatic.


So this is all about PP strap roll made by PP strap manufacturers. Hopefully, users can now decide which pp strap should be their first choice depending on their needs, requirements and usage. For customers who worry about the manufacturer of PP strapping tape, look out for Rinku Plastic since we are considered the most renowned and trusted Polypropylene strapping manufacturers. We give our customers fantastic options for PP strap rolls.